Commercial Concrete Installation and Services

Multi-Family and Condominiums

Over the years, CT Concrete has serviced many multi-family and condominium developments. These services include excavating foundations, prepping and pouring large slabs in a single day, as well as installation of service walks and patios at the club house. Developers and builders alike appreciate our professionalism and attention to detail.

Factories, Industrial Complexes, and Office Buildings

Owners and property managers of factories or industrial properties rely on CT Concrete to provide needed repairs including the removal and replacement of existing concrete, expansion of existing concrete areas, or adding new concrete. If needed, we are able to work whenever the business needs the work to be done; day, night or weekends to help the business run and stay open or during construction. Our attention to detail and customer service makes us the ideal industrial concrete contractor for your next project.

Home Owners Associations and Property Managers

From one sidewalk to several, driveways, dumpster pads, approaches, and more, CT Concrete provides quality concrete work along with attention to the details of each part of the job. We will work with you to develop a plan that is specific to the needs of the project to ensure the plan is carried out properly..

Retail Centers and Restaurants

Owners and retail property managers must keep concrete floors and sidewalks safe and appealing in order to please customers and prevent unwanted accidents. CT Concrete has the expertise to do repair in such a way as to prevent a business from shutting down during the process. In addition, we provide new builds such as a new restaurant or stand only retail, or an addition to an existing retail space. We carry all the necessary liability and workman’s compensation insurance to ensure a safe and professional experience.


CT Concrete, LLC has the experience to manage large commercial and multi-family projects exceeding projected time lines, while providing quality workmanship along with understanding the needs and goals of commercial clients.

  • Foundations and Excavations
  • Poured Walls, Dock Walls
  • Lift Pits
  • Crack and Joint Repairs
  • Bollard Poles (protection posts)
  • Loading Dock Ramps
  • Employee Patios
  • Paving and Parking Lot Expansion
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